I finally joined the club!

Feeling so left out of the ranks of the feeeelthy, ebil rich in City of Heroes/Villains, I set my mind to getting one character to the magic 1 billion inf goal.


I’m not sure I’ll work to hit the 2B cap, now, but maybe.  I’m just happy my many hundreds of millions all centralized on one character long enough to screen-cap.  Now, do I spend, or invest for growth?

Oh – and I mostly have respec recipes and purple IOs to thank for this, having not even crossed 400 million with this character until I started working those two niches.

The downside of teaming with VEATs

I’ve been playing my villain-side characters quite a bit more lately.  After getting hooked on stalkers, I started playing my brutes a bit, too.  Here’s what happened in a team not too long ago.  It taught me the importance of dying away from teammates so they can’t do, well.  Just look and see:


And in case that’s not clear, here’s another view from a different angle:
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It’s always nothing that gets you in to trouble

How much harm can an extra zero do?  It seems like, well, nothing, just dangling at the end there.  But sometimes, when you aren’t paying attention, you find that one extra zero killing your pretty pocketbook of win.  I, as a marketeer, sometimes find that one extra zero tripling a secondary profiteers holdings.


That poor IO was listed for 31,017,223, and sat for weeks and weeks waiting for a buyer.  While I was out of town camping, a happy buyer came along.  I am sure, however, that he wasn’t so happy after winning.

Thanks, anonymous buyer, for typing that extra zero and throwing an extra 306,000,000 (before market fees) my way.

More Luck of the Gambler goodies

I forgot to mention that while I was making 45 million influence from doing nothing but reselling an enhancement I purchased cheap from someone else, I noticed that my earnings weren’t even among the better returns on this particular IO in the blueside market:



I wasn’t bold enough to try locking up any purchases for 12 million, but I did avoid those levels so whoever got those could continue to do well.

Cheap Luck of the Gambler global recharge

While keeping up with my ebil marketeering studies, I learned that some people are buying Luck of the Gambler global recharge procs for relatively cheap prices, and selling them for nice profits.  Deciding that this couldn’t be quite that easy, I figured I would test the waters.  Looking at a few level ranges, I found some that had consistent 70+ million winning bids in the last 5, and looked to see what I could do.  Going conservative, I popped up 2 bids for about 36 million influence and went to bed.  This morning, I checked my two bids, and look what I found:


I forgot to get a before shot, but here is the current bidding history as of the selling of my newly acquired treasure:


And that top number there?  It’s my sale of my recent purchase.  It sold less than 2 hours after I listed it, netting me a profit of around 45 million influence.


It feels good to be ebil.

The market says you are wrong

In response to this poster on the City of Heroes/Villains forum,

Patience? There are 894 other bids out there right now. You need more than patience in order to get one of these babies right now unless you get a lucky drop.

Sorry to say but I’ve seen prices as high as $39,000,000 for these and they will continue to go up as people try to get one of the few that actually make it to market.

Nobody is going to sell them for 5-6 million at these highly inflated prices now. 

I want to point out that the market says you are wrong:


It may not be an every day occurrence, but it does happen.  Any other questions?