Crazy Gravity Portable

Long ago, I modded my PSP to run homebrew code.  After doing this, I discovered there’s really not much homebrew gaming for the PSP that’s worth having.  However, catching up on my QuickJump PSP reading today, I found this little gem, which I’m going to put on my PSP:

Hopefully it will be as fun as it looks.

I command you to dance!

In what may be one of the finest advertisements EVAR! for a game, we have Stalin vs. Martians:

What dancing has to do with the gameplay, I can’t fathom.  But how often does one get to see a dancing Stalin?  Rhythm is a dancer!

RunMan – indie game development

If, like I do, you get all moist and steamy for a lot of the work coming from the independent games arena, you’ll probably like this one as much as I do.

I love the simple platformer genre.   This one looks to be a good platformer, but a nice (damn nice) speed to it, and the quirkiness that I see so much from indie game developers.   (via IndieGames blog)

Portable Guitar Hero

The game sensation that sweeping the (console) nation is coming to the Nintendo DS this summer.  I’m seriously interested in getting this, as it looks like a really good re-imagining of the game series in a portable console version.

[gametrailers 32059]

DS Pinball

I loves me some good pinball games.  Devil’s Crush on my TG-16 is one of my favorite console games ever.  So I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll get my fill of great pinball on my Nintendo DS this summer when this is available: