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The market crash

This is the work-in-process of suffering through a market crash when flipping salvage for profit. Unfortunately, I failed to get some needed screenshots, so some of this will be descriptive only. I have more updates to make, but no time to get to them right now.

Sadly, you can do your research and still find yourself sitting on stacks of previously valuable salvage that is now worth too little to sell for any kind of profit. I’m not talking about buying 10 rare salvage for 2,100,000 and finding you can only sell it for 2,350,000. That’s still a small profit – not worth working for, but still a profit. I’m talking about taking the Magical Conspiracy salvage that you picked up recently for around 2,600,000 and looking at the market to see this:


But you bought for:

magical-conspiracy_win01.jpg (and that’s the lowest you paid…)

What has happened? You’ve just experienced a market crash. Sometimes, if you don’t study a market segment long enough, you’ll think you have a winner and get in a bad spot. In my case, I only watched Magical Conspiracy for 2 days before buying in to the segment. And on the 3rd day, prices fell substantially. Selling suddenly got very, very difficult.

2 thoughts on “The market crash”

  1. Its’s the 12th of Sept. I had the same incident happen to me with pangion soils. Seems a stable price of 4.1 mill for 2 days, got lowballs in for well under that.. next day, prices are around 3 mill. Still sittin on those 3 stacks nearly 100 mill tied up.

  2. The market stuff here is really entertaining. Can’t afford the risk in flipping purples yet (3 characters w/70-100 mio infl), but have been burned recently myself through impatience in observation, too. One toon is sitting on a couple stacks of Prophecies a-prayin’ that the price goes back up half a million.

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