My leet leet market buy

In honor of the million influence salvage thread over on the City of Heroes forum, I decided to out-leet everyone.


My car needed a hatchback hydraulic replaced.


I bid a leet, leet amount of 13371337.


My bid showed up for but a moment.


Fortunately, I was able to snag one for my desired price.  It was a tense quarter of a second from when the bid showed up until it was filled.  I was worried I couldn’t get my car repaired for my desired price.

The Rikti return

City of Heroes folks, remember that this week, starting Friday the 18th, is a Rikti invasion week.  No debt in invasion zones and lots of fun PUGging to kill invading aliens.

[youtube 4mYV-IbO2Ww]

If you destroy enough bombs and defeat enough rikti heavy armor and regular rikti spawns, you can get an accolade granting a substantial resistance to psychic damage for 1 minute with a 25 minute recharge.

Successful flipping

While I gather myself to write the next section in my flipping salvage for profit guide, here’s a sample of what I can do on a couple of rare arcane salvage.


I paid 13,771,230 for these 10 essence salvage. I actually overbid, which lead me to overprice them for sale, so they took about 8 hours to cycle on the sale side. They were all purchased while I was asleep. In my eyes, 2.5 million profit on a 13.8 million buy-in is quite nice.


These 10 Deific Weapons were purchased for 31,057,050, filling also while I was asleep. I was worried I had overpriced them for sale, as they took about 10 hours to fully sell out. I don’t recall my exact sell price, but it was around 3,515,000 each. So I made about 3.4 million more than my worst case sale price for the stack.

So if you think my in-process guide on salvage profiteering can’t help you, just look at the results I got. And I’m writing up the details on how I did that.

Flipping salvage – the buy

In an attempt to update and better logically split this information, I have moved this post and made edits to it on a new GamerDemos’ page titled Flipping Salvage which you can reach by clicking the Flipping Salvage link or finding it at the top of any page on my site. Check out updates there and look for updates on market crashes and the sell process on successive pages from there.  The original post remains below.

As one of those ebil market manipulators, I figure I can share a little knowledge on what I do to earn easy influence and infamy in game. Mostly, I work in flipping rare arcane salvage. The margin on this is not nearly as great as the margin on flipping IOs or buying recipes and selling crafted IOs, but the work is easy, and you can do this with one character without ever moving around. Log in, collect salvage, list it for sale, put in more bids, log out and play your other characters.

With minimal time and effort, I turned 7 million influence on my Dark/Dark defender into well over 100 million. Then I started working with recipes and flipping crafted IOs, and have again nearly doubled my holdings, in addition to slotting more sets with a rough market value of 75 million at the time I bought and crafted things. Here are some specific examples of what I’ve done, along with some notices of the kinds of problems you can encounter with this method.

The time investment is substantially less than it will seem if you read this through, because I do a lot of checking while actively buying and selling other items.

For this example, I’m looking at Magical Conspiracy. This is a salvage item I haven’t ever used for flipping, so I’m showing you exactly how I evaluate a salvage type to see if I can flip it for profit. Before I start working a category, I make several checks. Early in the morning on the first time I checked Magical Conspiracy salvage, here’s what I saw:


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