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Another fire controller fight

This fight is my level 38 fire/rad controller in an unyielding difficulty mission against Nemesis enemies. I accidentally cut the video off right as I was fighting the final Lt, but the fight is pretty much over by the time I get to him. The nice thing about a fire/rad controller, if you choose to build for it, is you can have 3 Area effect controls available for fights – flashfire/fire cages, Cinders, and EMP. With these options, if you throw in hasten, you can fight a lot of spawns before you’ll not have an area control ready.


In this particular fight, I opened with flashfires. I didn’t use fire cages to immobolize them because they attacked first instead of trying to move, so they weren’t going anywhere anyway. Furthermore, Hot Feet has a slow, and Choking Cloud holds them within the first few seconds of the fight. Against enemies that start moving instead of fighting, I probably would following with fire cages. I next used my healing aura, although it wasn’t strictly necessary, and tagged two different enemies with radiation infection followed by enervating field. Then I turned my attention to the enemies who had seen me start this fight and came to join in. A couple of single target holds were all I needed to shut them down.

If the YouTube video is unwatchable (I haven’t checked it yet, since I just uploaded it and it isn’t even converted), you can downlad and watch the full video here. Please be gentle on my bandwidth, however – the file is about 15 meg.

Playing with video

I’m working on putting together some videos for City of Heroes.  My first stab at this is shown here.  This is just what a typical fight often looks like when I’m running my fire/radiation controller solo in game.  I’ve cropped out a lot of in-game display, but you can still see what happens.


For solo work, I typically open with a control on the spawn or on the most dangerous opponent when I’m sure I can handle the return fire from all uncontrolled enemies.  I usually run Hot Feet (damage), Choking Cloud (pulsing area effect hold), Acrobatics (knockback protection), Assault (damage buff), Tactics (Tohit buff), and my imps.  An alternative fight opening is to put Radiation Infection on the most durable opponent then corner pull.  Once enemies are in range, I just use fire cages to hold them still, and possibly Enervating Field to reduce damage until Choking Cloud has a chance to incapacitate most of the enemies.

Look for more videos as I get time to work on them, including brief clips showing the activation of each power in the fire control primary and the radiation and kinetics secondaries.

My fire/kin controller at level 47

Here is my current build and slotting for my level 47 fire/kin controller, Late Bloomer, as of last week. A resized clip is posted – click it for the full build.


This at least gives an idea of how one of my fire controllers is built.  I’ve hit level 48 since getting the screenshot, but haven’t updated my screenshot yet to reflect that fact.  I also haven’t noted what each Hamidon enhancement is in this build, so I can’t post here what they are.

I’ll not be able to work much on my fire controller guide for a few days, so it will proabably be sometime next week before the writeup for the primary is completed.  After that is done, I’ll start on power pools and radiation and kinetic secondaries.  Feel free to post comments or questions here, as accounts are not required to post right now (and will remain that way unless I start having spam problems).