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Another fire controller fight

This fight is my level 38 fire/rad controller in an unyielding difficulty mission against Nemesis enemies. I accidentally cut the video off right as I was fighting the final Lt, but the fight is pretty much over by the time I get to him. The nice thing about a fire/rad controller, if you choose to build for it, is you can have 3 Area effect controls available for fights – flashfire/fire cages, Cinders, and EMP. With these options, if you throw in hasten, you can fight a lot of spawns before you’ll not have an area control ready.


In this particular fight, I opened with flashfires. I didn’t use fire cages to immobolize them because they attacked first instead of trying to move, so they weren’t going anywhere anyway. Furthermore, Hot Feet has a slow, and Choking Cloud holds them within the first few seconds of the fight. Against enemies that start moving instead of fighting, I probably would following with fire cages. I next used my healing aura, although it wasn’t strictly necessary, and tagged two different enemies with radiation infection followed by enervating field. Then I turned my attention to the enemies who had seen me start this fight and came to join in. A couple of single target holds were all I needed to shut them down.

If the YouTube video is unwatchable (I haven’t checked it yet, since I just uploaded it and it isn’t even converted), you can downlad and watch the full video here. Please be gentle on my bandwidth, however – the file is about 15 meg.

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