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Steadfast protection

Finally got my knockback resistance Steadfast Protection enhancement for my Spines/DA scrapper.  Look for vide of him farming those CoT in Founders in the near future.  I plan on burning a respec to make him a ‘porter now.  This was his planned playstyle all along, but knockback became such a problem that I used a respec last year to go Combat Jumping/Superjump/Acrobatics.  Thanks to inventions, I can now get back to his intended build.  And maybe I’ll be able to save up enough money to get the stealth invention enhancement for the ‘port set, while I’m at it.

In case you can’t tell, I’m kinda stoked about this.

Statesman’s Task Force

Finally had a chance to run Statesman’s Task Force last night. We completed it in 2 hours 34 minutes. For a group that doesn’t know each other, that’s really not bad. If I were running with a team completely made up of folks from the Buffer Overrun supergroup (all radiation defenders and controllers), we probably would have finish about an hour faster, but that’s not the norm. Late Bloomer dinged 50 during the 2nd mission. My end reward was a Positron’s Blast chance for energy damage recipe. I have all but one of the salvage components, but it looks like that will cost me around 3 million influence to get. Still, this could be a handy invention for my Psychic Tornado. Now I need to plan a rebuild for Late Bloomer which includes invention slotting.

I don’t have a demo of the task force to post, but honestly, it would be boring and probably uninformative to watch, because the task force involves fighting arch-villain after arch-villain with scores of normal minions/enemies mixed in.  I admit I should have recorded the Arachnos Flyer fight, because even though it’s a little boring, too, seeing all the spiders it spawns is kind of cool.

But I’ll be running the task force again in the future, and will try to record parts of it for showing then.

I’m back

Lost 2 computers in the house last month during a lightning storm (mine and my wife’s).  I’m back and working with an upgraded system, and ready to start making more updates.  I’ve started working on my radiation emission secondary information.  Check the link on the left sidebar.  I’ll also be making more updates to the fire control information soon, now that I’m able to work again.  And finally, hopefully I’ll get some more short movies soon to show more of the fire/rad and fire/kin play off.