The market says you are wrong

In response to this poster on the City of Heroes/Villains forum,

Patience? There are 894 other bids out there right now. You need more than patience in order to get one of these babies right now unless you get a lucky drop.

Sorry to say but I’ve seen prices as high as $39,000,000 for these and they will continue to go up as people try to get one of the few that actually make it to market.

Nobody is going to sell them for 5-6 million at these highly inflated prices now. 

I want to point out that the market says you are wrong:


It may not be an every day occurrence, but it does happen.  Any other questions?

Run on Ceramic Armor Plate

After a little, um, coercion by Chaos Creator, I helped clear out a lot of the supply of Ceramic Armor Plate on the market for heroes. Here is the starting inventory:


I started buying at 51 influence, buying as many as I could before going up a little on my bid. Unfortunately, I failed to get screenshots of the pricing as I went. I meant to, but somehow didn’t get them when hitting my F12 screenshot key for Fraps to grab the image.


This is where I stopped. I didn’t feel a common tech salvage deserved a greater push than 10,005. When I could no longer buy at this price, I stopped. Those 17 bidding include 7 from me and another 10 that I can’t account for.


Not that it is full penance, but I did put a few of them back on the market when I was done. I was out of slots, or would have saved and returned more.

EDIT: Within 5 minutes, someone realized these prices were not right:


Market manipulation is eBil!!!

Yes, I’m posting a lot about City of Heroes/Villains lately, and not pointing out much in the way of coming games I want to play/see. I’ve not really put much time in to anything but my heroic/villainous self gamewise recently.

In the City of * forums, there is a long thread going about how market manipulation is très eBil, immoral, demoralizing, and a few other negatives I can’t quite recall just now. In that thread, I just felt a need to respond to this one wrong point that one poster made:

I think the players that many other people perceive as market villains are the ones who consistently & systematically manipulate things in order do their absolute best to make sure sell items WAY THE FRAK ABOVE anything that an impartial/unbiased 3rd party would consider a fair price.

Why do I say that is wrong? Because, well:

I purchased these Deific Weapons for deific-bids-01.jpg (for the record – I normally like to purchase them for less – 3,177,233 to be precise – but some other ebil market manipulator has been muscling in on my space, so I had to push my bidding up significantly).  After I won a stack of 10 of them, I put them back up for sale deific-listing-01.jpg (and again, this is higher than my normal 3,517,233, but since I bid 120,000 more than normal, I don’t feel bad selling for 80,000 more than normal).  At the end of one good night of sleep, I logged in to find all 10 sold: deific-sales-01.jpg.

So let’s review – I listed at a price point where after sales, I would earn 3,246,509 after the 10% market fee if someone bought for exactly what I listed.  By my math, that means I listed my items for sale at a point where I would take a 53,504 loss per item sold if someone got my exact selling price.  Yet after my full stack of 10 salvage sold, they went for an average of 3,940,000, and my final profit after market fees is 4,263,480 instead of the potential 535,040 loss I could have suffered.  I am unwilling to take credit for any market price increase beyond 3,650,000, which is what my actual minimum sales target was.  The other 290,000 is clearly due to people willing to spend that much, not my forcing prices up.

An unknown pool recipe drops for me

According to Catwhoorg’s post in the Co* forums, the Force Feedback: Knockback/Damage/Endurance Reduction recipe is of an unknown pool currently. Here is my reward message for the end of a mission I ran tonight:


The character in question is a level 32 Dark/Kin corruptor who was exemped to level 30 while running a task force. Here is what the normal reward looks like for defeating a minion:


This particular mission had an end-boss who we had already defeated, and the reward came when we beat the final minion, a Longbow Minigun, in the boss-room. I’m calling this a pool B drop. Comments?