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Run on Ceramic Armor Plate

After a little, um, coercion by Chaos Creator, I helped clear out a lot of the supply of Ceramic Armor Plate on the market for heroes. Here is the starting inventory:


I started buying at 51 influence, buying as many as I could before going up a little on my bid. Unfortunately, I failed to get screenshots of the pricing as I went. I meant to, but somehow didn’t get them when hitting my F12 screenshot key for Fraps to grab the image.


This is where I stopped. I didn’t feel a common tech salvage deserved a greater push than 10,005. When I could no longer buy at this price, I stopped. Those 17 bidding include 7 from me and another 10 that I can’t account for.


Not that it is full penance, but I did put a few of them back on the market when I was done. I was out of slots, or would have saved and returned more.

EDIT: Within 5 minutes, someone realized these prices were not right:


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