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The market says you are wrong

In response to this poster on the City of Heroes/Villains forum,

Patience? There are 894 other bids out there right now. You need more than patience in order to get one of these babies right now unless you get a lucky drop.

Sorry to say but I’ve seen prices as high as $39,000,000 for these and they will continue to go up as people try to get one of the few that actually make it to market.

Nobody is going to sell them for 5-6 million at these highly inflated prices now. 

I want to point out that the market says you are wrong:


It may not be an every day occurrence, but it does happen.  Any other questions?

2 thoughts on “The market says you are wrong”

  1. Unpossible. It’s clearly a photoshop. I can tell by the pixels and having seen plenty of ‘shops in my day.

  2. Bahahahahah!

    I’ma bookmark your blog Rag, that’s the best laff I’ve had in a while.

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