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Buying a Home in Game Worlds

So how much would it cost to buy a house in Hyrule? In GTA? Stardew Valley? Turns out someone has done their homework and come up with the information you never knew you wanted. Visit London and Country’s In-Depth Analysis of the Video Game Housing Market. Here’s just a peek:

To come up with their estimates, L&C compares the cost of items you buy in-game to what the similar/comparable items would cost in the real world and uses that to come up with an approximate conversion rate. Then they looked at in-game costs of properties, use their calculated conversion rates, and came up with a rough guide to real-world prices. You can get your real-estate estimates in GBP (£), USD ($), EUR (€), JPY (¥), or AUD (A$).

NESmaker Coming Soon

Earlier this year, I Kickstarted the NESMaker project.

NESmaker is a software tool for creating brand new, hardware playable, cartridge based games for the Nintendo Entertainment System…without having to write a single line of code. 

And things seem to be rolling along nicely for the project. Late last week I received my project key, so I have been able to visit the NES maker web site, download the tool, and start working. Sadly, I have no clue what I’m doing. But tutorials are coming soon, and I’m confident that eventually I’ll be able to work with this to make my own NES games. And since I pledged at the Toolkit level, I’ll even be getting a flashable cartridge and flasher so that if I ever do create something, I can play it on a real NES instead of just in an emulator.

And, if I ever do create something, you can bet I’ll post it here on GamerDemos.com as well as sharing it on NESmakers and on my social media accounts. So here’s hoping I come up with something clever enough to share and unchallenging enough that I can create it myself given my limited developer skills.

I finally joined the club!

Feeling so left out of the ranks of the feeeelthy, ebil rich in City of Heroes/Villains, I set my mind to getting one character to the magic 1 billion inf goal.


I’m not sure I’ll work to hit the 2B cap, now, but maybe.  I’m just happy my many hundreds of millions all centralized on one character long enough to screen-cap.  Now, do I spend, or invest for growth?

Oh – and I mostly have respec recipes and purple IOs to thank for this, having not even crossed 400 million with this character until I started working those two niches.