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Successful flipping

While I gather myself to write the next section in my flipping salvage for profit guide, here’s a sample of what I can do on a couple of rare arcane salvage.


I paid 13,771,230 for these 10 essence salvage. I actually overbid, which lead me to overprice them for sale, so they took about 8 hours to cycle on the sale side. They were all purchased while I was asleep. In my eyes, 2.5 million profit on a 13.8 million buy-in is quite nice.


These 10 Deific Weapons were purchased for 31,057,050, filling also while I was asleep. I was worried I had overpriced them for sale, as they took about 10 hours to fully sell out. I don’t recall my exact sell price, but it was around 3,515,000 each. So I made about 3.4 million more than my worst case sale price for the stack.

So if you think my in-process guide on salvage profiteering can’t help you, just look at the results I got. And I’m writing up the details on how I did that.

3 thoughts on “Successful flipping”

  1. Thanks very much for posting this information on the game forums – I’ve been wanting to learn how to flip salvage/recipes. I’ve been able to make around 15-20 million influence in the last few days.

  2. No. I have just been putting it off because the market crash and selling phases take more time to document and perform than the buying part does. I have created a new page for the entire pseudo-guide and made reference to it in the original post below this post.

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