I finally joined the club!

Feeling so left out of the ranks of the feeeelthy, ebil rich in City of Heroes/Villains, I set my mind to getting one character to the magic 1 billion inf goal.


I’m not sure I’ll work to hit the 2B cap, now, but maybe.  I’m just happy my many hundreds of millions all centralized on one character long enough to screen-cap.  Now, do I spend, or invest for growth?

Oh – and I mostly have respec recipes and purple IOs to thank for this, having not even crossed 400 million with this character until I started working those two niches.

Crazy Gravity Portable

Long ago, I modded my PSP to run homebrew code.  After doing this, I discovered there’s really not much homebrew gaming for the PSP that’s worth having.  However, catching up on my QuickJump PSP reading today, I found this little gem, which I’m going to put on my PSP:

Hopefully it will be as fun as it looks.

I command you to dance!

In what may be one of the finest advertisements EVAR! for a game, we have Stalin vs. Martians:

What dancing has to do with the gameplay, I can’t fathom.  But how often does one get to see a dancing Stalin?  Rhythm is a dancer!

RunMan – indie game development

If, like I do, you get all moist and steamy for a lot of the work coming from the independent games arena, you’ll probably like this one as much as I do.

I love the simple platformer genre.   This one looks to be a good platformer, but a nice (damn nice) speed to it, and the quirkiness that I see so much from indie game developers.   (via IndieGames blog)

The downside of teaming with VEATs

I’ve been playing my villain-side characters quite a bit more lately.  After getting hooked on stalkers, I started playing my brutes a bit, too.  Here’s what happened in a team not too long ago.  It taught me the importance of dying away from teammates so they can’t do, well.  Just look and see:


And in case that’s not clear, here’s another view from a different angle:
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It’s always nothing that gets you in to trouble

How much harm can an extra zero do?  It seems like, well, nothing, just dangling at the end there.  But sometimes, when you aren’t paying attention, you find that one extra zero killing your pretty pocketbook of win.  I, as a marketeer, sometimes find that one extra zero tripling a secondary profiteers holdings.


That poor IO was listed for 31,017,223, and sat for weeks and weeks waiting for a buyer.  While I was out of town camping, a happy buyer came along.  I am sure, however, that he wasn’t so happy after winning.

Thanks, anonymous buyer, for typing that extra zero and throwing an extra 306,000,000 (before market fees) my way.