Lair reviews

I’ve not been particularly interested in the PlayStation 3 – the absurd price, the lack of interesting games, the arrogance of Sony’s executives in pushing the platform (We expect gamers will want to take a second job to afford the PS3), and the fact that I don’t really have that much time to play games much any more make it less than compelling to me. One of the games I’ve been keeping my eye on, thinking it might change my mind, is Lair. Now that it is out, how does it fair? Well, let’s start with the GameTrailers review.

[gametrailers 24533]

That’s not a very convincing review, is it? Well, I go on and check out what Tycho and Gabe have to say (and their associated news item – ” You couldn’t pay us to play Lair any more than we have already.”) then swing over for Bill’s write-up on the game (and I quote – “As a game, though, Lair has some of the worst game design I’ve ever seen. Ever.”).  I stopped looking for reviews after getting the two reliable sources I’ve used for many past gaming purchases.

This isn’t looking to be the game I’d hoped would make me want a PS.  Not that I’d have hopped out and grabbed one this week.  Still, having a few compelling games would up the interest meter for me.

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