Unbounded steal

I frequently leave lowbie bids out for a number of relatively valuable IOs and recipes.  This morning, I logged in to find I got a super deal on an unbounded leap stealth IO.


All the ebil-marketeer-haters can start bitching at me now.

3 thoughts on “Unbounded steal”

  1. Nothing special about it except to “tag” my bids. I always end my bids with 7,223 just so I can see from any character when one of my characters wins a bid. For example, if I’m working on Miracle unique recipes with one of my marketeers and playing with another, if I happen to see a Miracle recipe that went for something ending in 7,223 then I know to go check my main marketeer for the win. Sometimes, I’ll just play one character a day, but want to see if I’ve won anything on the others without logging them in. With my “tag” visible, I just check the items I’m looking to win, and if I see my bid marker I know to switch and collect.

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