Dark defender respec bug?

For all the City of Heroes folks, I’ve got an odd problem here that I want to show.  I haven’t filed a bug report on it yet, but plan on it, I think.  While using a respec for my Dark/Dark defender, I selected Twilight Grasp for my first power.  After selecting all my powers, I went to the slotting screen.  To my amazement, Twilight Grasp isn’t there.  Here is the screenshot of me after selecting all my powers:


And here is the screenshot immediately after hitting next:


I didn’t even notice the missing power until I finished slotting and putting IOs in everywhere only to see I had 2 Doctored Wounds IOs left over and no healing power in which to place them.  Have any other CoH players seen this problem?

Spending pretend money

This one is just for my City of Heroes cohorts. Recently in the forums, there has been talk in one thread about intentional excessive overbuys for cheap, common salvage. Rather than put all my benevolence in one spot, I spread mine out across 2 salvage types, spending just over 1.5 million influence. Screenies or it didn’t happen:



And selling them:


Would love to hear back from anyone who got a little bit of extra influence from this.

My fire/kin controller at level 47

Here is my current build and slotting for my level 47 fire/kin controller, Late Bloomer, as of last week. A resized clip is posted – click it for the full build.


This at least gives an idea of how one of my fire controllers is built.  I’ve hit level 48 since getting the screenshot, but haven’t updated my screenshot yet to reflect that fact.  I also haven’t noted what each Hamidon enhancement is in this build, so I can’t post here what they are.

I’ll not be able to work much on my fire controller guide for a few days, so it will proabably be sometime next week before the writeup for the primary is completed.  After that is done, I’ll start on power pools and radiation and kinetic secondaries.  Feel free to post comments or questions here, as accounts are not required to post right now (and will remain that way unless I start having spam problems).